1. Finished with my minimalist birds wall hanging.

  2. I’ve finished all the pieces for my Ukrainian man’s shirt.  2 sleeve cuffs, a chest piece and a front and back neck piece.  Now on to assembly!

  3. Here’s a look at three more minimalist birds I’ve just completed.  I’m doing a whole series of them on one big canvas.

  4. Examples of Tatar Embroidery.

  5. Silk shading by Atsumi Fukui from the Royal School of Needlework. Sooooo cute!

  6. Here is the latest on my Ukrainian shirt.  I’ve completed the chest piece and one sleeve cuff.  I’m working on the second sleeve cuff now and then I’ll just need to do the neck.

  7. Some great quilt work from Таисия Зотова (Taisia Zotova)

  8. Man’s suit with coat and vest in embroidered silk. Made in France around 1785. Has been worn by Axel von Fersen the Younger. (Nordiska Museet)

    Beautiful detail.

    (Source: yoyo-inspace, via history-in-pictures)

  9. slavic-roots:

    Traditional embroidery from the Karelia region of Russia


  10. An excellent resource for learning more about Italian embroidery.