1. Here’s a quick preview of what I am currently working on.  These are minimalist birds from some French designs.  I’m probably going to do about 18 birds in all - enough to fill a large frame. 


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  3. After several months I finally finished my Mezen piece based on themes from Russian painting called Мезенская роспись.  

  4. So incredible, embroidery done with straw!  Check out more here from Natalia Lashko: http://thestrawshop.com/galleries/straw-embroidery/

  5. Some more beautiful examples of Nanai embroidery.

  6. I’m making a Ukrainian embroidered shirt for my boyfriend.  Here is how it is coming along so far.


  7. Here are lots of great examples of men’s and women’s clothing as well as small towels for Ukrainian embroidery designs.


  8. Here are some unusual stitches.  The site is in Ukrainian but don’t worry, the pictures are pretty self explanatory as to how to do the stitches.

  9. I’d love to make something like this someday.  This is from Margaret Lee’s embroidery.

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    How cute, I love it!

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